I’m going to talk about me. I avoid it unless I’m dredging up past awfuls. I can be general, and describe my day, but I don’t like to talk about me. My body, for one. Even before my mom blew away my self esteem for decades, I was informed that if you said nice things about yourself, you were conceited and selfish. Well, I say it’s okay to be nice to myself. This is mine.

Alot of blogs have been doing a list of eight things you like about yourself. I’m giving it a shot.

 1. My eyes. I have beautiful bright blue eyes that are very large and vibrant. They’re my favorite thing about me. They’re the first thing a stranger will ever compliment me on, and they’re also my father’s eyes. My sisters don’t have his eyes, so I feel special.

2. My feet. I have cute feet. They’re not very tiny [size 8], but they’re smooth and well shaped and pretty.

3. My legs. Most people who know me well will be shocked that my legs make the list, but I’ve decided they do. I have major issues with my legs- they’re big and muscular and disproportionate, but lately I think that’s kind of cool. They’re unusual, and they surprise people. I don’t let them see the sun much, but they’re sturdy, strong, shapely parts of me. They serve me well.

4. My face shape. An old guidance counselor at a high school I attended, gasped when I entered her office, and announced that my face was a “perfect inverted triangle!” Heh. It’s actually not all that angular, but I’ve been told I have a heart shaped face as well. I’ll go with that, sounds nicer.

5. My wrists. I have wide, flat wrists that go awhile before they become arm. I like that.

That’s all I can think of. Maybe I’ll add to this later, but probably not. It’s a process, this learning to like myself, and if I over-analyze, I could sabotage things.