I had an appointment with my new therapist, but ended up moving it to Friday due to schedule-y complications. I didn’t really feel up to it today, anyway. Rainy, and windy, and (due to my accidentally locking Hades out of my room [where his litter box is] for most of yesterday) cat piss-y. Ugh.

I helped my aunt clean out the computer room today. We ended up discovering an old password protected laptop, registered to some mystery woman named “Jean”, and three of those portable data sticks. All but one was busted, but I cleaned it out, and now my aunt can get her pictures to the computer with the nice printer. She has some really nice ones of me and my fiance from our highschool graduation.

 Today I felt cute for the first time in a long time. I felt normal and comfortable. I dressed well, and went grocery shopping, and the general public didn’t make me feel anxious and stared at. I bought loads of yogurt and pudding [I’m a fan of soft, chew-free food] and some good cereal, and some soda. I got a new book. And soon I’m going to have some popcorn and watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Yay, me!